User Manual

Please read the USER MANUAL thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial experience be with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance. Once you can keep your center of gravity even, you will be able to stand on your Ground Glider without moving, similar to standing on the ground. The most important thing to do is stay relaxed and confident.

A Ground Glider is very intuitive and senses the slightest motion, so finding your center of balance is key. Step on quickly, confidently, and evenly, but remember to keep your body quiet. Please refrain from flaying your arms, leaning too far forward and/or backwards, or stepping on your Ground Glider unevenly, as this will cause you to lose control and increase your probability of injury. 


Product Description:

A Ground Glider is a technologically advanced Personal Mobility Device. It has two wheels that balance and transport the user using battery powered brushless motors. It also uses digital gyroscope modules and acceleration sensors to calculate the user’s center of gravity and move the device accordingly.

The transportation device can move forwards, backwards, turn in either direction or turn in place. The compact footprint and zero degree turning radius allow you to enjoy your Ground Glider both indoors and outdoors.


Getting Started :

Step 1:  Take your Ground Glider out of the box and place it flat on the floor. Press and hold the power button, located on the front of your Ground Glider, next to the 3-pin charging port.

Step 2: Checking the Display Board – located in the center of your Ground Glider. Your Ground Glider should power on and beep indicating it is on. The Battery indicator light should be lit, indicating there is power to the device.

Step 3 : Safety Gear – Wear all proper safety gear, including, but not limited to a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Step 4 : Stepping On -Stand directly behind your Ground Glider. Place one foot on the Rubber Foot Mat . Once you have one foot firm on the Ground Glider. Confidently step on with the other foot. Do not jump with your foot as this can cause you to lose your balance. Simple step on to it . 

Your intial try to get on will feel uncomfortable at first. Please have someone next to you just in case you have not yet got comfortable keeping your balance.


Step 5: Staying Balanced – Find your center of gravity. If your weight is distributed correctly on the foot mats, and your center of gravity is level, you should be able to stand on your CYBOARD, just as if you were standing on the ground. IF NOT, you may feel like you are moving in a particular direction, turning, spinning in place, wobbling back and forth, or simply uncomfortable with the device.


NOTE – On average, it takes 3-5 minutes just to get comfortable standing on a Ground Glider and maintaining proper balance. Having a spotter will help you feel more secure. A Ground Glider is an incredibly intuitive device; it senses even the slightest bit of motion, so having any anxiety or reservation about stepping on may cause you to panic and trigger movement that is not otherwise natural to you. The best way to overcome that initial anxiety is by having a spotter.

TIP – Stay relaxed, stand evenly, and apply an equal amount of pressure on both sides of the device. Relax your muscles as much as you can. Taking a deep breath and exhaling can help you achieve this. Slightly bending your knees can also help. Once you can stand IDLE and STOP, you are ready for the next step.


Notice in the diagram above, your center of gravity determines which direction you move, accelerate, decelerate, and come to a complete stop.

TIP – Try staying relaxed and focus on finding your center of gravity to maintain full control. Tilt your center of gravity in the direction you wish to move. To turn, focus on the direction you wish to turn and stay relaxed. The more comfortable you get on a Ground Glider, the easier you will maneuver. Remember at higher speeds, it is necessary to shift your weight to overcome the centrifugal force. For bumps or uneven roads, bend your knees.

Step 6: The Dismount – Stepping off of a Ground Glider can be one of the easiest steps, yet when done improperly, may cause you to fall. To properly dismount, from a stopped position, lift one leg up and set your foot back down on the ground (STEPPING BACK). Then step off completely.


For Bumps and Uneven pavement- Bend your knees when riding on bumpy or uneven pavement to absorb the shock and vibration and help you keep your balance. If you are unsure if you can safely ride on a specific terrain, step off and carry your Ground Glider. 

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